France propositions : (by France Chapter)

Proposition 1 : Select 10 questions by nations (members who wants send questions to their nationals coordinators, nationals coordinators select 10 questions importants who aren't on different documents; nationals coordinators send their select questions to a international coordinator. The international coordinator select 100 questions and send to Roxanne and Jacque).
Proposition 2 : Mediation Peter / Roxanne (You know, we lived some conflict in french speaking chapters so for each conflict we search the bases of problems. In this way, we created a mediation team. So, each person who have conflicts, it's often a communication problem, we try to resolve that and that's work. So, we think there is just a communication problem between Roxanne, Jacque and Peter. Our second proposition is to install a mediation for resolve it and proove to all : one, these three person are humans; two, we can resolve basic problem without passion; three, we can now employ the scientist method for conflict resolving).
Proposition 3 : Meeting between international coordinators and TVP for making a big report for showing to Roxanne and Jacque that we did everyday for TVP