****Where are we going?********* (By Darshounet, Help by French-Speaking International Coordinators)

Beautiful and noble is that which was discussed too many times to be counted. Everyone goes about it in their personal manner, individually, since the transition is above all a personal endeavor. This is the first reason why the movement doesn't discuss it as such. While considering everyone's philosophical aspirations, a transition that is designed by a multitude of dispersed individuals or groups cannot function as a whole. We are therefore going to introduce in more detail the strategy that has been established collectively by coordinators throughout the world, related to work which was presented by the Zeitgeist Movement in various media.

First of all, let's define the word "transition". The first definition is "the change from one concept to another, to put together parts of a speech or book". The second is defined as "a passage from one political regime, from one state to the other". Those two dictionary definitions can be found easily. You may also observe that the definition is vague and encompasses a lot of things. Not only is it vague, but it is made up of many subtleties that cannot serve as a link between anyone's ideas. Attach a complement to it as we might, it wouldn't serve any purpose given the definition's opacity. In further writing, I'll use the word "change", which can be defined as "a passage from one state to another".

The expected shift in society is now already spreading, - as Zeitgeist Addendum explains - whose purpose is to point out just how absurd the monetary system is. Thus was the Venus Project introduced, and the more general concept of a Resource Based Economy. Criticism focuses mainly on the eerie, remote feel to the Venus Project, as well as on the strategies that would be implemented to go in that direction. A variety of knee-jerk type emergency plans are proposed, in tune with "action-reaction" mechanisms pertaining to the current monetary system paradigm. Yet, while having certain affinities with the new social values "matrix", we'll be in the wrong as long as we are to remain in the monetary system. Some are admittedly impatient and want to change things immediately, but they don't fully integrate the complex global mechanisms at play within an overall view. It's as if we wanted to blossom from larval state to butterfly without going through the chrysalis phase. Such reactions are understandable but muddled and premature, thus hindering the Movement's dynamic outburst while disrupting its synergy.

A certain amount of our members grow impatient as they witness the movement's activism, in the form of movie releases, screenings, Z-Day, etc.., because they want to take charge of the transition process without delay, and without preparation. If the concept of our movement is to be followed, its expansion might be a subtle indicator of the acceptance of a growing acknowledgment, a visible sign of changes to come, rather than a denial that any kind of transition has to take place. Indeed, in the movement's two year existence, we have gone from 50 people (end 2008) to 30 million supporting the Zeitgeist Movement and/or The Venus Project (figures given by Jacque Fresco, 2010/09/11 at the VPLT conference).

As far as french speaking communities are concerned, we have gone from a handful of people to more than 1600 in all but a year of official existence. Based on these observations, we can note that the movement's expansion is undeniable and in constant evolution.

So how can we define 'change'? Firstly, a "translation" of "Zeitgeist Movement" gives us a hint. Zeitgeist is the moral, intellectual and cultural spirit at a given time, and Movement implies the idea of change. The movement's goal thus lies in its definition and in the solution it advocates. That is to say that the movement wants a conceptual shift in society through spreading the idea of its solution. Thanks to different sources of thought and to international impulses, we have reached the first step of our strategy for change and its definition. We aren't spreading it around a lot, as it would be detrimental to the personal quest of understanding that all of its members are undertaking (I'd say that 98% of our members are still going through a search of self). We thus decided to spread awareness of the solution starting today because of the many problems of comprehension in France which discredit our activism as a whole. I apologize to our Canadian, Belgian and other nations that have already understood it, thanks to the movies. Then, here are the different phases of societal change that are advocated by the Zeitgeist Movement (The letter A stands for internal concerns for the movement, and B for external ones).

Phase 1 : Construction

A- Its aim is to structure and organize different chapters of the Movement, in terms of its tools as well as information. The proposed structure for a chapter must be internationally approved in order to give an global coherence of the information structure. Then, each chapter would be organized in a similar manner so that step 1 can be completed. All nations must have a coordinator and an identical communication structure for that phase to be finalized. Furthermore, all national coordinators must have a good overall understanding of the Movement and the Venus Project (RBE) within their overall communication - both internal and external - so as to maintain and strengthen cohesion. This does not mean that people should be indoctrinated : we all think differently, but coordinated activism towards a common goal strengthens the action itself.

B- Information must be spread mostly at a local level, which means that communication is made through local "networks" and close relationships. The relations network can be comprised of family members, friends, colleagues, teachers, clients, etc..
Notes : We are currently undergoing this first phase of the strategy within french speaking communities. The same goes internationally. We see that certain branches could be assigned to different phases but as the Movement is neither local nor regional nor national - and isn't ready on all points -, all of the contents of a phase must be validated at the international level for us to reach the global paradigm change that we advocate. As this is being written, we are developing official chapters in Africa and Asia.

Phase 2 : Expansion

A- It'll probably be the most exciting phase because it'll be about synchronizing activism in all chapters. Hundreds of chapters could spread information within a restricted amount of time (from a few minutes to a few hours regardless of the distance between subgroups). Coordinators must have contacts that are as direct as possible to other coordinators. Beyond what it means to understand what a RBE is, all moving parts of the mechanism should be understood, so that a Beijing-based member could receive information coming from a Niger-based member. Regional coordinators will leave aside their contacts with "real" members (non-virtual ones) to distribute them among local coordinators, so that they only keep direct contact with local and regional coordinators. In this way, we cannot be accused of creating a global, centralized database, because it'll rather be completely decentralized. Furthermore, should we run into problems such as in Tunisia with the interruption of internet, communication wouldn't be severed. As this stage, real relays have been created, not as a means of financing but through each and everyone's contacts. Bars, offices : any premise can be used as a relay. There's no need to become a non-profit organization for that. Relays act as local headquarters to welcome members, which is why this is a part of our strategy both internally and externally.

B- Communication reaches a new stage. From a proximity based communication, we switch to a local communication. At this point, it won't be about local chapters spontaneously organizing their screenings, but about a coordinated action throughout all organized chapters (I use screenings as an example).
Notes : a transition is required at each of these phases, which is about modifying attitudes. It's about going from a "static" state (in real-world terms) to a real voluntary involvement. This implies that activists (French activists in particular) step out of forums on a regular basis to take part in some real activism. As we follow these steps, it is undeniable that each activist is important, and the sooner they step into real activism the better it'll be for the Movement's progression.

Phase 3 : Beginnings

A- With phase 2 being accomplished, internal construction will be complete. The internal organization will be available to manage the last details such as specific changes of coordination, safeguards against the self-appointed guardians of the status-quo, as well as the maintenance of our different websites, etc..

B- Mass scale communication becomes effective. Communication will be carried out through traditional mass media (main national or international TV channels, which won't be able to ignore the Movement anymore), as well as other global actions which will put an end to the monetary society.
Notes : actions defined by the Movement will be peaceful and non-violent. Actions advocated in Zeitgeist : Moving Forward are a good example. In phases 1,2 and 3, each country sets up Venus Project/RBE groups, acting as relays to present and implement test cities all over the planet. If too many groups emerge without the different phases of the Movement being carried out, it is likely to fail. If the Zeitgeist Movement makes progress towards its objective without relying on concrete test city experiments based upon the Venus Project, the endeavor as a whole is prone to fail. Little by little, test cities known as education cities, will take over from the Movement for the project to blossom and progressively transform those cities which will interconnect as a new system where money, crime, war and starvation will be overcome by a brand new system which focuses on abundance and well-being for all humans : the Resource Based Economy. That is what is being communicated through various movies. This requires to be patient and to put our egos aside. My friends, let's all move forward together in the same direction, for the sake of our future and everyone else's.

French-Speaking International Chapters Coordinator.